Often we make the mistake of believing that we should go to the other side of the globe to find clear water and wildlife. We often forget that we have some places in the Mediterranean, which have no reason to be jealous of some of the most renowned beaches of the Caribbean. For example, the island of Favignana, in the archipelago of Egadi. Choosing to spend a holiday in Favignana always proves to be a perfect choice. If you are looking for somewhere close, easy to reach and with a beautiful sea where you can spend a relaxing holiday, Favignana is the place.

We are in the Marine Protected Area of the Egadi Islands, the largest marine reserve in Europe, which hosts a rich and varied flora and fauna. The area protects the oceanic sea grasses of Posidonia, the best preserved in the Mediterranean sea and a fish fauna of great biodiversity amongst many other protected species.

The island is almost all flat split in two from Mount St. Catherine where the eponymous castle greets you on your arrival at the port with the imposing Palazzo Florio. Its coast is 90% accessible from the ground, so easy to get. Simply rent a bike or scooter to reach the countless sandy coves alternating with beautiful cliffs. Among the most famous Red Cove, Blue Cove, Lido Ravine, Round Creek and Sea Cow Bay.

Favignana is also full of history; a visit to the former factory Florio will reveal the secrets of two centuries of Favignana. Not to mention the clay pits and underground gardens inside the old abandoned quarries now full of lush vegetation, but what most will remain engraved on your heart are the smells of herbs, sea and algae along the coast.

In the evening when you are sitting at your table for dinner thinking about what you have done during the day and feeling that you have done everything but in reality, you are still at the beginning of your adventure.

Favignana is not just for visiting but for living! The island of Favignana is the capital and the largest of the islands of the Aegean archipelago, the others are Levanzo and Marettimo, all easily accessible.